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  • #64 How Fondue Became Popular

    #64 How Fondue Became Popular

    Searching for an origin story is not easy...the origin story of fondue was no exception. Sometimes, there were things named fondue that weren't really fondue as we know it, and sometimes there were things that sounded kind of like fondue, but we weren't not sure if it was close enough…

  • #63 Tony the Tiger

    #63 Tony the Tiger

    Tony the Tiger was created by the advertising company, Leo Burnett, which is still operating today. This is the company that also created the Marlboro Man ads for Marlboro cigarettes, the Jolly Green Giant, Pillsbury Doughboy, and Toucan Sam. Leo Burnett, the company, was started by Leo Burnett, the person,…

  • #62 The Palace Kitchen

    #62 The Palace Kitchen

    Food during the Tudor period in England is a fascinating topic, so we're going to tell you all about it! We’re focusing on food in wealthy households - particularly the royal household, and even more particularly, the household of King Henry the 8th. Why are we focusing on the royal…

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    Chris Hadfield

    Hear what the commander has to say about food in space.

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    Temple Grandin

    Temple Grandin is our hero. Listen or read the story of how she's changed the slaughterhouse industry.

  • Chris Hadfield
  • Temple Grandin
  • Food trends we love or hate

    Food trends we love or hate

    Cloud eggs. Keto dieters have been eating these for years.
  • Food trends we love or hate

    Food trends we love or hate

    Starbucks unicorn fraps. They didn't care about taste?