#61 - Turnspit Dogs

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This is the incredible true story of Turnspit Dogs. 

The turnspit dog is an extinct breed of dog. This breed was used in kitchens to turn roasting spits back when roasting was done over an open fire, rather than in an oven. The earliest known reference to to this breed is in a book called "De Canibus Britannicis" by Dr. Caius. In this book, which was published in 1570, turnspit dogs were described as a kitchen service dog. 

Turnspit dogs were put into wooden wheels (that looked like giant hamster wheels), and made to run inside the wheel, which turned a chain, which turned the spit. 

Thank You to Our Interviewee:

Ciara Farrell from The Kennel Club

Thank You to this Looperman Artist for the Music:

Melody by Slice0fCake

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