#50 Hershey, Pennsylvania

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We talk to the Hershey community archivist, Pam Whitenack and her colleagues about what it is really like to live in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Hershey is a model community that was built by Milton Hershey - the founder of The Hershey Company. It was built as a place for The Hershey Company employees to live. Unlike other factory towns, it was built with care and love, with great transportation, entertainment, and aesthetics.

Special Thanks to Our Interviewees:

Pam Whitenack and Anthony Haubert of the Hershey Community Archives

Thank You to Looperman Artists for the Music:

Poppy Acoustic by BradoSanz
Poppy Acoustic 2 by BradoSanz
Poppy Acoustic 3 by BradoSanz
Poppy Acoustic 4 by BradoSanz
Bright Absurdity Hip-hop Piano by JulietStarling
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Going Up by LarsM
Nights Strings HD by jawadalblooshi
FX - 34 - 80 Bpm by SoleilxLune

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