#48 The Poison Squad


In this Food Non-Fiction podcast episode, we tell the incredible true story of The Poison Squad.

Thanks to Looperman Artists for the Music:

SynCato by DesignedImpression
1950s Rock N Roll Piano Riff by rasputin1963
Food non-fiction 1 & 2
Funky Guitar by Neems 1 by Neems

Special thanks to the musician, truekey, for writing music for Food Non-Fiction:
Twitter: @truekeymusic

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  1. Love the show ladies and glad to see it being released with more consistency now that grad school is complete! I have an episode request: condiment packets. As I listened to Poison Squad it occurred to me that the seemingly endless shelf life of individual condiment packets must mean they are pumped full of something more than what their refrigerated counter parts require. When did people begin needing them (I'd guess around the time drive ins became popular, but I could be wrong), is their a big nutritional difference between them and the bottled stuff, do other countries use them as much as we North Americans? I can't wait to find out!

  2. Hi Victoria! What an awesome episode idea! I've made note of it and I'll see what I can find out - Lillian