The World's Greatest Food Fight

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This Food Non-Fiction podcast episode starts with the true story of Ryan Shilling and the huge food fight in his UK school, Jarrow, in the town of Jarrow. We then piece together the history of food fights, starting with the creation of the pie-in-face gag from the Vaudeville era to the first pieing scenes in silent films to our modern day idea of food fights in schools. Next, we tell you about the world's greatest food fight - La Tomatina in Bunol, Spain. We interviewed Rafael Perez, the organizer of the event. Finally, we tell you about other food fights, similar to La Tomatina and our podcast episode show notes include a link to "La Tomatina-esque events in the US".

Special thanks to our interviewees:
Thank you Ryan Shilling!
Thank you Rafael Perez!

Promised Links:
3 Stooges Pie Fight 
Telegraph article on the Colombian La Tomatina 
La Tomatina-esque events in the US
Other References Used:
La Tomatina
Colorado Tomato War
The Salt Blog history of food fights
Evolution of Pieing
Web Urbanist list of food fights
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