Save the Salmon - Part 2

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In this podcast episode "Save the Salmon Part 2" we explain why environmentalists talk about the drastic loss in salmon populations even though salmon seems to be abundant in grocery stores and sushi restaurants. We talk about the differences between wild and farmed salmon. This episode also discusses the pros and cons in the debate on using farmed salmon as a way to provide salmon to the masses and alleviate the fishing of wild salmon. Should you be buying farmed or wild salmon? Which one are you getting at restaurants? How do you know what the best choice in salmon is? We cover all this in this super informative and thought-provoking episode.
Special thanks to the amazing musician, Jetty Rae, for letting us use her music. Click here to visit her webpage.
More special thanks to our incredible interviewees:
Laurel Marcus of Fish Friendly Farming
Dana Stolzman of the Salmonid Restoration Federation
Kari Burr of the Fishery Foundation of California
Scott Greacen of Friends of the Eel River
Ron Reed of the Karuk Tribe and the Department of Natural Resources
How to Choose Sustainable Salmon:
Sea Choice
Seafood Watch
Other Resources used include:
David Suzuki's page on salmon farming
Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975
NPR Salt blog article

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