Michelin Stars Restaurant Rating

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Intro 0:00
John lying to his Mom 0:17
Undercover Restaurant Reviewers 0:29
Michelin Guide Restaurant Reviewers 1:31
How the Michelin Guide began 2:14
Current use of the Michelin Guide 3:52
Michelin stars and symbols 4:10
Bib Gourmand 5:18
Mystery of the process 5:41
Anonymous Michelin Server 5:49
    Preparing for a Michelin Reviewer 5:59
    Characteristics of a Michelin Reviewer 6:12
Controversies around Michelin Guide 6:55
    Pascal Remy "The Inspector Spills the Beans" 7:01
    Bias for French Cuisine 8:04
    Lax standards for Japanese restaurants 8:39
    Secretive nature of the inspectors 8:58
New Yorker interview with Inspector M. 9:25
Inspector background requirements 9:56
Michelin Guide Social Media Attempts 10:32
    Famously Anonymous 10:43
    Twitter 11:20
Michelin Guide Locations 11:52
Honor of the Michelin Star 12:18
Chefs that do not want the Michelin Star 12:37
Anonymous Michelin Server 12:49
    Excitement of being reviewed 12:49
    Backslide in interest 13:08
Pressure of expectations 13:33
Star stats 14:29
Digital Age vs. Guide books 15:04
Anonymous Michelin Server: Zagat vs. Michelin 15:15
Michelin Guide earnings and losses 15:29
Future of Michelin Guide to 15:48
Final words- contact us at feedback@foodnonfiction.com 16:00
Other References Used:
Financial Times
New Yorker "Death of a Chef"
The Telegraph

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